What I do
I work as both an illustrator and a concept artist, focusing on conveying emotions through visual representation. Whether it's illustrating scenes to enrich the storytelling experience of books, games, films, or stage productions, or creating concept art to shape the look and feel of virtual worlds, my aim is to evoke genuine emotional responses. While my primary experience lies within the gaming industry, I'm equally drawn to the realms of book illustration, cinema, and theater. My skills are rooted in a blend of traditional artistic training and contemporary expertise in computer graphics technologies, including 3D modelling and AI.
At the core of my approach is the belief that art should stir emotions in its audience. I'm convinced that even the simplest idea can resonate strongly if it strikes the right emotional chord. For me, the importance lies not only in the concept itself but also in its execution.
While my portfolio tends to lean towards realism, I'm equally interested in exploring abstract and metaphorical imagery. I thrive on creative freedom, and am comfortable navigating projects with flexible boundaries that allow for independent decision-making. I am also capable of working within clearly defined parameters when necessary.

What you can commission
You can commission environment and character concepts, title screen graphics and key art. Besides, it would be a pleasure to me to illustrate a board game or book. All that is my passion. If you feel interested in cooperation, reach out to me (see Contacts) and tell me about your project.

What major projects I worked on